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Parking Enforcement

Garing Parking Enforcement Services will make your life easier

When a parking enforcement officer is patrolling a business parking lot or neighborhood, drivers tend to be a little more responsible in their parking habits. They understand that if they break the parking rules, they may be ticketed or in some circumstances, their car could be towed. That's why more and more private neighborhoods and business owners are using parking enforcement services to ensure that their parking areas are kept running smoothly. Here are just some of the ways that a Palm Beach private parking enforcement service can make your life easier.

Available parking for customers

One of the few drawbacks of having a business located in a prime area is that people tend to use your parking spaces, even when they aren't visiting your business. This becomes a problem when your own customers can't find a parking space. Some business owners report a loss of income because their customers become too frustrated with having to park far away and they stop shopping there.

Event parking

When you host an event, one of the most difficult areas to manage is parking. It takes experts to organize the parking so that people can get in and out easily.

Community enforcement

Nothing is more frustrating than a random car blocking the way into your driveway, but that's not uncommon in areas with limited parking. In addition, some communities experience problems with people parking the wrong way on the street, on sidewalks or in vacant lots. Our parking security firm will patrol the area and ensure that everyone is following the written parking rules of the community.

Suspicious cars

It's unsettling when an unknown car sits empty in a private community or business parking lot. At Garing Parking Enforcement, we take these stray cars seriously. We'll use the Palm Beach County Tax Collector's TAVIS system to inquire about the status of these vehicles.

Parking security

We can provide security for both residential and commercial properties. Nothing makes people feel more secure leaving their cars than a parking enforcement officer patrolling the lot.


Do you need help organizing your parking lot? Maybe you need some advice about where to place your signage or locate your guest and resident parking spaces. Our parking enforcement services will consult with you and help ensure that your parking lot is strategically organized.


Wouldn't it be nice to have a private parking enforcement officer notify you when someone is in your neighborhood pool or clubhouse after hours? Or how about when the lights go out in the entire community or youths are having a wild party that includes underage drinking and wild behavior? Our officers will notify the person in charge when something is going on that's against the rules.

At Garing Parking Enforcement, we are serious about helping you keep order in your parking lots and communities. Our presence will keep out those people who don't like to follow the rules. Call us today and let's talk about how we can help you manage your parking lot and private community issues.

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I've read carefully the report of Garing's parking ranger. I have no comment other than l do appreciate very much everything that he did on Saturday night, June 21, 2008 between 12:30 am and 1:50 am.

Miro Imamovic

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